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And just like that Coachella 2018 Weekend 1 came to a close.


May 2017, my sister said she wanted to go to Coachella.  She didn’t know who she was going with, but all she knew was, she was getting tickets to attend Coachella.


When the day came for pre-sale tickets to go on sale, I told her I’d help her buy tickets.  If you’ve never bought tickets, the experience of buying tickets is crazy. (Though I bought Hamilton tickets and that was the worst…). Tickets sell out fast and you have to have the luck of the concert gods.


Luckily I have that luck. *knock on wood*

Long story short, I got her a pair of tickets as well as a pair for myself.  I wasn’t going to get FOMO.

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So I actually had a hard time figuring out how to format these blog posts that are more memory based vs guide based.  Let me know if you like this version or something a little more detailed. This is a photo diary with bullet point memories and lots of pictures.


Hope you enjoy scrolling through my 2018 Weekend 1 Coachella Photo Diary.

Coachella Day 1 | April 13, 2018

Day 1 Memories:

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Coachella Day 2 | April 14, 2018

Day 2 Memories:

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Coachella Day 3 | April 15, 2018

Day 3 Memories:




















Overall Coachella was AMAZING!


First off, price breakdown!

What is the real cost of Coachella?  How much should I expect to spend at Coachella?

I got you!  Here is how much I spent.


$429 – Pre-sale General Admission Ticket

$30 – Companion Parking Pass ($60 divided by 2 people)

$30 –  Car Camping pass ($120 divided by 4 people)

$50 – Food and drink supplies for camping ($200 divided by 4 people)

$50 – Day 1 Food (per person)

$50 – Day 2 Food (per person)

$50 – Day 3 Food (per person)

$10 – Ferris Wheel Admission (per person)

$50 – Coachella Merchandise

$40 – Gas

Grand Total: $789


*This doesn’t include outfit costs.

**Some supplies were borrowed or we already had it (i.e. tent, easy up, camelback water backpack)



Is Coachella worth it?

I always think Coachella is worth it.


But for more practical reasoning.  I would still say yes.


First off Beyonce alone is worth it for Day 2.  Beyonce tickets go for $100+ for the last bench in a stadium so if you saw Beyonce and another band, you made back your money.


To justify the other days,  I had a lot of band that I had planned to see eventually live like The Neighborhood, Kygo, Marian Hill, Petit Biscuit, Cardi B and LANY.  I don’t mind at all seeing ODESZA again. Concerts are $30+ so go just go to a decent amount.


In general,  I just think experiencing it is worth it.  


Whenever I go, I feel like I’m in another world, where reality is far away.  It’s the isolation of the concert in the desert that makes it special. (JP I like this line, try expanding this idea of isolation in the desert more)


Other big festivals are in major cities and I feel like I would go to the festival for one day and just explore the city but with Coachella, you are in this music oasis and that’s why I like it.  I get to listen to a lot of musicians I like, discover new artists, dress extra and not feel overdressed, see ginormous art pieces and meet up with lots of friends. I bumped into a lot I hadn’t seen in years and I think that’s what makes Coachella special for me.  


Until next time!  I’ll be back!


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