My 18 Exciting Bucket List Adventures for 2018

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To usher in the new year I’ve crafted an infamous new year’s resolution, the bucket list for the year or rather what I’d like for call, 18 for 2018.


Starting 2018 by writing a notorious new year’s resolution.   My list included the typical resolutions such as losing weight slash living a healthier lifestyle, reading more and a new one for me is bullet journaling.  I’m hoping my new love for bullet journaling will keep me on top of my healthier habit, keep me on task with this blog and life.  I actually started bullet journaling in October to test it out before committing a year on doing this, I spent a good amount of money on pretty, fancy pens.  This year is all about staying organized and getting shit done.  I’ll be also using Asana to work on my productivity in digital form.


I digress.

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18 for 2018 is a bucket list of experiences and travel  


I’ll be updating this post whenever I cross something out so be sure to check back at it throughout the year to see if I actually did one of the things listed.  This isn’t listed by what I want to do most. It’s just listed when I thought, “Hey! I want to do that this year.”


Crossing my figures I do at least 10.


1. Visit 2 States I’ve Never Been To


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2. Go Camping – like real camping (aka Coachella doesn’t count)



3. Visit Salvation Mountain



4. Go to a National Park


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5. See Falling Snow – CHECK!

Went on a snowboarding trip to Mammoth and it snowed.  I have NEVER seen falling snow in my life.  Some people are like, “WHAT?! HOW COULD YOU NOT?!” Well, I’m from California and I don’t usually travel in the winter.  I know how to snowboard but the snow was either man made or it didn’t snow during the time I was there.

As cliche as it sounds, it was very magical for me.  I just couldn’t stop smiling at seeing the small snowflakes whirl with the brisk air.  Swirls of white particles nipped at my nose.  Shoutout to you Jack Frost!

Justine seeing falling snow for the first time and playing in it. Mammoth, CA


6. Take a Dance Class


7. Take a trip outside of the country


8. Be front row at a concert


In Progress – Coachella in April & Got pit tickets for Paramore in July


9. Go Skydiving


10. Collaborate with a brand I love


11. Go to a creatives meet up


12. See shooting stars


13. Volunteer/medical/mission trip


14. Take a cooking class


15. Go to a lantern festival


16. Learn a new language


17. Eat at a Michelin star restaurant


18. Start my own side hustle

Coming soon!


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