8 Must Have Coachella Essentials

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Coachella is coming up and you might be like me, who hasn’t packed yet…


But it’s okay!  We have a little more time left.  


I’ve created a short list of must bring items for Coachella.


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I didn’t have your typical toiletries like a toothbrush, toothpaste or contact solution and case.  I repeat for my fellow, blind, crappy visioned reader, don’t forget the contact solution or case. I can’t even count how many times I’ve forgotten them and had to drive in the middle of the night to go to the closest, open drugstore.


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Anyways, let’s get to that list!


What are the must bring items to Coachella?



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The Essentials - What to bring to Coachella

  1. At least 3 fashionable, yet comfortable outfits


Calling all Basic Bitches and Extra AF fashionistas! Excuse my language…


But seriously, Coachella is the time to wear those outfits in your closet that you can never find an event for because you always feel like you’re extra or they  expose too much.


Everyone looks like they jumped out of a Free People ad, so dress to impress.


My biggest piece of advice is to wear comfortable shoes!  Ditch the heels and wear comfortable sandals, sneakers or boots.  As much as pain is beauty, I don’t think it’s worth wearing those cute heels because you’ll be walking and dancing all day in the dirt field.


Pro Tip:  Get a locker for the weekend, if you aren’t camping.  Put a light jacket for night time (it can get a bit chilly at night some years).  For people who are extra, stick your night time outfit in the locker. Purchase a locker ahead of time.



  1. Refillable Water Bottle


Water is life, especially when you are in the middle of the desert.


Walking from one stage to the next, and dancing like no one’s watching.  (Find me at the outer sides of a Coachella tent doing the sprinkler. Girl needs her space, and that’s not in the middle or front with a million people.)


Don’t pay $3-$4 to buy a water bottle at one of the vendors, but bring a refillable water bottle.  As much as I love my hydro flask, I would actually recommend you to leave that at home or in the locker. You don’t want to bring a heavy water bottle all day.


Get a plastic water bottle (like this one that looks like a traditional water bottle or maybe a sports water bottle.) Another option is pouch water bottle (like these or these green ones).

A camelbak backpack is the best especially if you have a Chella gang.  There are some fun colorful water backpacks like a holographic or a galaxy design.  Take turns wearing the water pack and stay hydrated.  



  1. Sunscreen


The sun beats down on Coachella Valley, so protect your skin and wear sunblock.  No one wants to get sunburned.


Don’t forget face sunblock as well!


Pro Tip: If you do get sunburned easily, get some aloe vera too.



  1. Baby Wipes


Especially for campers, baby wipes are your friend.  Clean your body or any messes at the campsite.


Don’t judge me…but I have used baby wipes to clean my body instead of taking a shower.  It’s a long day, i’m tired, I want to sleep. I showered first thing the next day. 


Pro Tip: If you decide to skip your shower have some dry shampoo to soak all that hair grease and make your hair smell a little better.  I use Batiste in blush.



  1. Bandana


Keep a bandana with you at all times, even if you think it clashes with your outfit.


Coachella experiences desert sand storms sometimes so it’s better to be prepared. Even just walking around, it can get dusty.


They are pretty cheap too!



  1. Portable Battery Pack


Live in the moment and don’t be stuck on your phone the whole time.  




I still would recommend getting a portable battery pack.  I bought this one from Amazon, hoping it keeps my phone charge the whole weekend.  There are charging stations but who wants to be stuck babysitting a phone while Coachella is happening!


Pro Tip:  Coachella in conjunction with Electric Standard has a product/ service where you can pay to have a rechargeable battery and once that battery dies you can go back to the tent and get a fresh battery pack.  At the end of the festival the battery pack is yours! #souvenir


Pre-order yours for $25!



  1. Plastic – Money & ID


Money!  There are loads of delicious food stands everywhere and Coachella only brings in the best.  A meal will cost you $10+. Expect to spend at least $20 a day on food in the park, but realistically more like $30.


They change their food lineup every year, bringing only the best.


The most memorable dishes I had from Coachella 2015 were crab fries, paella and Jamaican food.


What will you eat this year? Coachella 2018 Food Guide


You should have an ID on you.  You never know if you get separated from your group and something happens.


If you are 21 and older and want a drink, you can visit one of the many beer gardens all over Coachella but you will need to get a wristband every day signifying you are 21.  



  1. Coachella wristband


The most important thing to bring is your Coachella wristband, of course!  There’s no point of remembering everything else if you can’t get into the festival. (I guess you can go to Palm Springs…)


Remember to wear your wristband at all times and ACTIVATE IT!  Your wristband won’t work otherwise.


This is just a quick list of what I think are Coachella essentials.  Feel free to add a comment below about what you think should be on this list.

You packed all your essentials and it’s time to have a weekend of munching, music and memories.


The Iridescent Wings by Justine Alonzo

The Iridescent Wings by Justine Alonzo


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