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Big, beautiful sunflower in a field of sunflowers | Suzie's Farm San Diego, California

Update January 1, 2018: Suzie’s Farm is officially closed.  The owners posted a video on the Suzie’s Farm Facebook page explaining that due to financial reasons they were not able to continue operating the farm.

As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, I stumbled upon an event for sunflower picking at Suzie’s Farm.

Suzie’s Farm

With 70-acres of land just before the Mexican border, Suzie’s Farm is an organic farm that sells over 100 varieties of seasonal vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits year around.  It is named after the Norwegian Elkhound that the owners, Robin Taylor and Lucila De Alejandro, found on the property.

Our Visit

The sunflower stalks aren’t as tall as I am used to seeing but that was okay, it is more important that there were a lot of them so we can take beautiful pictures of frolicking in a field of them. All you need is the perfect angle and a decent camera.  These pictures were taken courtesy of my sister’s DSLR. 


Photography Tips

It was a bit annoying that the sunflowers have only one good angle and the afternoon sun hits in a different direction. No worries though because you can definitely get some nice captures with the beautiful blue sky and lush yellow flowers.  Make sure to wear comfortable shoes that can get dirty because it’s all dirt once in the farmland.  

How much is it to visit Suzie’s Farm?

It is FREE (*Update: They now charge $5 admission for guest 3 years and older) to go inside the farm and a sunflower is only $1 per stem!!! What more can you ask for?!

When to visit Suzie’s Farm’s sunflower field?

The sunflower field will continue to be open Saturdays and Sundays 10am-2pm and Tuesdays 2pm-6pm until the crop stops growing, it is part of their U-Pick community.  According to a friendly worker, they offer different products throughout the year and farm tour.

For the rest of the Saturdays in October they have a pumpkin patch for their Pumpkin Palooza event which I might come back for. Stay tuned for a possible post on that!

(*Update:  I ended up going to the Rancho Bernardo Pumpkin Patch instead because they had a corn maze)

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